Dry Ice Blasting – Fast Industrial & Commercial Cleaning Service

Eco-Friendly Dry Ice Blast Cleaning Service — Customized & Fast

Greene Diversified Services’ excels in customized or improvized solutions in industrial cleaning or commercial cleaning. Dry ice blasting is the tool we most often utilize. We regularly take advantage of other environmentally friendly tools to complete projects. At Greene, we regularly succeed where other service companies don’t. The major reason being is the years of experience we have gained assessing unique cleaning challenges and testing and retesting arrive at unparalleled results.

Rapid Mobilization Anywhere in The USA

Greene can mobilize extremely quickly. Its industrial cleaning services operations can be on location anywhere in the United States in 24, 48 or 72 hours depending upon your requirements.

Comprehensive Training at Our Core to Provide You Excellence

We provide dry ice blast cleaning service solutions with a specialization in cleaning of machinery in large production plants.

Greene Diversified Services specializes in cleaning solutions that other blasting service companies simply cannot. Our innovative cleaning solutions utilize a completely environmentally safe and non-abrasive blast cleaning technology.

Greene Diversified Services — In Action

Below is a video from a recent fire restoration project recently completed on a commercial building. The video shows a remarkably far removal rate of removal soot off of a wall. Because dry ice leaves no secondary waste, clean up was dramatically faster and, in total, the job took far less time to complete than it would have taken using conventional methods.

Dry ice blasting from Greene Diversified
Applications Greene Services Dry Ice Blast Cleaning Centers specialize in include: Printing Presses, Die Cutters, Conveyers, Foundries, Aluminum Molds, Pasteurizers, Ovens, and Fire Restoration. Please see our industrial cleaning applications page for details.


Dry Ice Blasting: On-Site & In-House

Greene Diversified Services offers a variety of on-site and in-house CO2 blast cleaning services. We offer our specialized services to a multitude of industries.

If you have parts or equipment that can be easily tranported by UPS or another carrier, you may want to ship them to us for cleaning
at our facility, and upon completion, we would promptly ship them back to you. Or if you prefer, Greene Diversified Services can schedule a cleaning on-site at a scheduled date of your choosing.

Call us at 1-888-623-6050 to find out how we can provide a solution for your cleaning need with our dry ice blasting services.

Greene’s Industrial Cleaning Commitment

Greene Diversified Services
is committed to offering our customers :

  • Work Excellence – we offer only the highest quality results.
  • Flexible Scheduling – we listen to our customers and customize our
    cleaning programs around your requirements.
  • On-Time Service – we deliver results in the promised time frame.
  • Service throughout United States- from our Atlanta, GA, Knoxville, TN, Boise, ID and Boston, MA sites we can quickly mobilize to all locations throughout the US.

Dry Ice Blast Cleaning / CO2 Blasting: Basic Process

Dry ice blast cleaning (also referred to as co2 blasting) is similar to sand, bead or soda blasting, where a media is accelerated in a pressurized air stream to impact the surface that is to be cleaned or prepared. With dry ice cleaning the particles vaporize upon impact with the surface. Because of the co2 vaporizing, the co2 blasting process does not generate any secondary waste.  All that remains to be collected is the contaminant being removed.  It is a remarkable process that has revolutionized industrial cleaning

View our dry ice blasting process page for further details on the dynamics of dry ice cleaning.

Dry Ice Blast Cleaning Superiority

Greene Diversified Services’
industrial cleaning services using dry ice is favored to such traditional cleaning methods as pressure washing, sandblasting and chemical solvents.  It can be used in a vast assortment of dry ice blasting applications. The use of co2 blasting is far superior to these from many different vantage points including:

  1. Decreased downtime through Cleaning In-Place
  2. Faster and more thorough cleaning
  3. Elimination of equipment damage
  4. Reduction or elimination of solvents
  5. Reductions in waste disposal
  6. Increased safety

View our dry ice blast cleaning benefits page to read how co2 blasting technology is superior to sandblasting, pressure washing and chemical solvents.